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Pay Per Click Service (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Data being the core of our methodology to maximize your campaign’s ROI, you might expect us to be known for having a very data led approach to PPC. Our distinguishing factor is that we don’t rely on tools only, we rely on our team of experienced individuals and expertise.

We don’t only manage your AdWords as part of our PPC services. It includes all channels ranging from paid search and paid social. We tend to consider any channel that gets you the best ROI.

Paid search marketing is quicker and more easily manageable when it comes to getting people to know about your business and get you the people who seek your product or service. It requires you to pay for qualified traffic and goes easy on your budget and ROI for your business.

How we can help you with our PPC Management?


PPC Strategy

To get you a PPC that conforms with your business, we analyze your business, competitors and a number of factors. Then we get you a strategy that delivers you the required results.


We will get you a suitable strategy based on your existing campaigns, or new accounts for networks. You will be given of your accounts and get in touch with network owners.


We make sure that you target your keywords are well aligned. Our techniques make sure that you cover all areas of the search and avoid the ones that are not right for the business.

Ads copy Writing

We make sure that your adverts are focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on the website having strong Call to Actions. With testing on regular basis we can make sure that your traffic is coming to you at an affordable price.

Ad Extensions

Being vital for PPC ad extensions get you to stand out of the crowd and get you an edge over your competitors. Not using ad extension in today’s bid landscape is not something to ignore about.

Shopping Ads

We will make sure that our experience in getting you to set up, manage and optimize your shopping campaigns promote your inventory.

Why Choose Social Eye For Pay Per Click Services

If you think that you can do better with your PPC campaign, let’s conduct a PPC Audit so that we can show you a clear picture about your priorities if you’d be working with us.
Contact us by filling in the form and provide us some details if you feel that you might need paid search.
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